Solid Carbide Rotary Burr Bright Pointed Tree 6 x 6mm DOR813606


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Brand: Dormer
Weight(kg): 0.024
Barcode: gtin:7320760687963
Part No: P8136.0X6.0
Tariff Code: 82031000

Availability: 10 in stock

Product Description

The Dormer P813 Solid Carbide Rotary Burr Bright with pointed tree ball nose geometry for skip flute grinding and increased strength at the centre. With a reduced chance of swarf congestion and improved cutting action closer to the centre. Produces double cuts, making it a good first choice for general machining. With an improved ease of control, increased metal removal rate and breaks swarf into manageable pieces.

They have toughened and hardened steel shanks that provide rigidity and strength. This prevents bending and reduces vibrations for an improved tool life. Ground to h6 (Carbide) and h7 (Steel). Excellent impact strength that is able to withstand high forces and to withstand higher temperature without failing. Special brazing elements provide excellent braze strength.

The Dormer Solid Carbide Bright Rotary Burr Pointed Tree has the following specification:

Diameter: 6mm.
Shank Diamter: 6mm.
Working Length: 18mm.
Overall Length: 50mm.

Weight 24 g
Dimensions 8 × 62 × 11 mm