Socket Screw Slotted Raised Head Nickel Plated 3.5 x 75mm Bag 100 FORSS3575NPM


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Brand: ForgeFix
Weight(kg): 0.47
Barcode: gtin:5028485064299
Part No: 100SS3575NP
Tariff Code: 73181290

Availability: 10 in stock

Product Description

These Forgefix Socket Screws have a raised head, and are designed for attaching electrical wall sockets and switches. The screws have a slotted head and are nickel plated for increased durability.

Used specifically for attaching electrical wall socket and switches to back plates.

The Nickel plating process coats mild steel or stainless steel to considerably prolong the part’s life. Nickel plating is probably the most corrosion resistant finish available and is often used on socket screws for electric switch sockets avoiding corrosion and cross contamination. It leaves a bright aesthetic finish and is extremely hardwearing.

With slotted screwdrivers it is important to ensure that the tip matches the width of the screw slot, otherwise you run the risk of damaging the screw head. Slotted screwdrivers are available with either Flared or Parallel tips. For the majority of uses the Flared tip is ideal but if the screw needs to be driven below the material surface a Parallel tip screwdriver should be used.

Raised heads have both countersunk and raised structure which is designed for aesthetic purposes on all types of ironmongery and lighting applications.

Socket Screw Slotted Raised Head Nickle Plated 3.5 x 75mm Bag 100

Weight 470 g
Dimensions 125 × 130 × 20 mm