Repair Washer ZP 6mm x 25 x 1.50 (Box 100) MEMWAR625Z


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Product Description

METALMATE® Repair Washers (also known as penny washers) are zinc plated for a longer-lasting finish. They are designed to spread the tension load of the material you are fixing to, so that you can create a strong hold that is not likely to loosen over time. These quality assured fasteners are suitable for use in engineering, production, construction, repair and maintenance.

Hardness HV 140-250 Washers.

Quality assurance is extremely important to the METALMATE® brand. The entire purchasing and logistics process complies with international standards.

All METALMATE® products are sourced from accredited manufacturers to ensure that only the highest quality threaded fasteners are supplied. Our supply chain partners are subject to regular audits to ensure compliance, overall service quality and timely order fulfilment. We also insist on routine assessments so the ownership of the factory does not threaten the integrity of METALMATE®. These strict quality procedures help us to be more efficient, improve product standards and deliver excellent customer service.

These METALMATE® Repair Washers have the following specification:

Size: 6mm x 25 x 1.50
Finish: Zinc Plated
Box Quantity: 100

Weight 584 g
Dimensions 268 × 270 × 390 mm