Multi ll 22T Wet & Dry Vacuum with Power Tool Take Off 1200W 240V KEWMULTI22T


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Brand: Nilfisk Alto (Kew)
Weight(kg): 13.6
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Part No: 18451585
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Availability: 4 in stock

Product Description

The Kew Nilfisk Alto Multi ll 22T is a multifunctional vacuum that is designed for indoors or outdoors, wet or dry, dust or rubble. It can even be used to empty blocked sinks, clean-out gutters and empty rain gullies. It comes with 3 great additional features as standard: Power Tool Take Off, Push&Clean filter cleaning system and blow function.

It has a 30L plastic canister which has a dry capacity of 16L and a wet capacity of 14L, and is supplied with a washable cartridge filter and fleece filter dust bag. The washable cartridge filter means that you can move from dry to wet use without removing the filter. Can be used with or without the fleece filter bag.

An electronic warning system alerts the user that the suction is dropping and the filter needs to be cleaned. The Push&Clean filter system enables the filter to be cleaned whilst in use, pushing air through the filter to clean any clogging and ensuring you can work longer without having to empty the tub or clean the blocked filter.

It also has a Power Take Off socket that means that power tools such as sanders, planes and jigsaws can be used and the dust is extracted into the vacuum, not into the work place. Simply plug in the vacuum, then plug your power tool into the power socket on the vacuum and connect the hose to powertool, adaptor supplied. The vacuum will automatically start when the tool does, making it a great dust extractor for DIY use.

The blow function means that even hard to reach areas can be cleaned, simply connecting it to the exhaust air outlet. The carrying handle is used for coiling up the power cord, hose hooks secure the hose and makes storage easy. The body of the machine is equipped with a quick park for the floor nozzle and tubes, and further options for the other nozzles. Other tools can be placed on the flat top of the machine when not in use.

Standard Accessories:

1 x 36mm x 2.2m Hose
2 x Stainless Steel Suction Tubes
1 x Curved Tube Handle with Air Flow Regulation
1 x Wet & Dry Floor Nozzle
1 x Crevice Nozzle
1 x Washable PET Round Filter Cartridge
1 x Fleece Filter Bag


Input Power: 1,200W
Power Take Off: 1,150W
Capacity: Without Bag, Wet/Dry 14/16L
Capacity: With Bag, Wet/Dry 0/9L
Air Flow Rate: 2,400 L/min.
Vacuum: 200/20 mbar/kPa
Working Sound Level: <85 dB(A)
Dimensions: 426 x 374 x 59.9mm
Cable: Length: 5m
Weight: 9.2kg

Weight 13600 g
Dimensions 660 × 410 × 460 mm