MR2210 Mitre Square 250mm (10in) MAR2210


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Brand: IRWIN® Marples®
Weight(kg): 0.254
Barcode: gtin:0734442231608
Part No: TMR2210
Tariff Code: 90178090

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Product Description

The IRWIN Marples MR2210 mitre square has a hardwood stock and hardened steel blade. It is designed to mark out an accurate 45° angle. Ideal for the construction of picture frames or installation of mouldings.

All Marples measuring tools are made from an aluminium block and with a hardened steel blade which is secured by three steel rivets with brass washers, preventing movement.

The scales are etched on the surface which ensures long durability. The tools are manufactured according to a very fine tolerances, so all measuring tools are very precise. Also features an edge holder for accurate positioning

Size. 250mm (10 in).

Weight 254 g
Dimensions 24 × 294 × 192 mm