Moth Killer Cassette (Pack 4) RKLFM41


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Brand: Rentokil
Weight(kg): 0.062
Barcode: gtin:5012607006489
Part No: FM41
Tariff Code: 38089110
COSSH Reference: 11
Hazard Storage: 3077

Availability: 10 in stock

Product Description

The Rentokil Moth Killer Cassette is a hangable, fragrant cassette that kills adult clothes moths, larvae and eggs. It is ideal for cupboards, wardrobes and hanging clothing.

The cassette is easy to hang up using the built-in hook. Two units protect an average sized wardrobe, and the citrus fragrance provides a fresh smell. The date indicator shows exactly when the unit needs renewing. Each cassette lasts up to 6 months.

Contains Transfluthrin.

How to use:

Remove cassette from protective packaging.
Pull out the hook from the back of the cassette.
Hang the cassette on a clothes rail inside a cupboard or wardrobe. The cassette can also be used inside drawers, chests or suitcases.
Two cassettes protect up to 1 cubic metre, more can be used in larger wardrobes.

Where to use:

Ideal locations for use are in cupboards and wardrobes, and also inside drawers, chests or suitcases for stored clothing.

Pack of 4 cassettes.

Weight 62 g
Dimensions 28 × 64 × 150 mm