Fixman Through Bolts 10pk M8 – 8 x 35 x 75mm 402335


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Brand: Fixman
Weight(kg): M8 - 8 x 35 x 75mm
Barcode: 5024763180606

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Product Description

Zinc-plated steel bolts for use in concrete, masonry, metal and wood with washers. Torque-controlled, heavy duty expansion anchor for rapid fixing of steel and timber assemblies, structural components, baseplates and brackets. Load-assisted through fixing, eliminating the need for setting out. Quick and easy to use – simply drill through the work, insert the through bolt and tighten. Yellow chromated for corrosion resistance. Size guide (example): M8 – 8 x 10 x 40mm: (M8 = fixing size; 8 = drill bit size: 10mm = maximum material thickness the fixing will fasten; 40mm = length of fixing).

Weight 306 g
Dimensions 220 × 21 × 138 mm