DIF® Wallpaper Stripper Concentrate 2.5 litre ZINDIF25L


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Brand: Zinsser
Weight(kg): 2.748
Barcode: gtin:5037898614007
Tariff Code: 38140090
COSSH Reference: 2388

Availability: 10 in stock

Product Description

Zinsser DIF® Wallpaper Stripper is a patented wallpaper stripper based on enzyme action for fast and easy removal of wall coverings.

With DIF®, wall coverings can be stripped quickly and reliably. It contains special enzymes – a unique, patented formulation with a superior more effective blend of wetting agents that speeds up penetration of the wallpaper and re-solubilisation of the paste.

In contrast to DIF® Wallpaper Stripper, ordinary wallpaper remover solutions merely wet the paper and the paste, and therefore require a lot of scraping and do not work well except on loose sections. Softened paste tends to build up on the scraper blades, blunting them and leading to wall gouging. DIF® Wallpaper Stripper eliminates damage to walls caused by removal of uncoated, water-permeable wallpaper.

Using DIF® Wallpaper Stripper is better than attempting to remove wallpaper with hot water, vinegar and water, or any other home brew solutions. Furthermore, it does not require the use of a steamer.

Supplied as a powerful concentrate – just add water.

Size: 2.5 litre.

Weight 2748 g
Dimensions 226 × 106 × 154 mm