Craftsman’s Paint & Varnish Remover 375ml NIT1986351


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Brand: Nitromors
Weight(kg): 0.454
Barcode: gtin:5010305004486
Part No: 1986351
Tariff Code: 38140090
COSSH Reference: 2231
Hazard Storage: 1263

Availability: Out of stock

Product Description

The Nitromors Craftsman’s Paint & Varnish Remover new formula now blisters even faster, it is perfect for those intricate mouldings and carvings due to its thin consistency. It comes in a cloudy liquid form that makes it ideal for getting into all those small areas that a thicker product wouldn’t reach.

It removes most paints, varnishes and lacquers with excellent coverage, stripping up to twice the paint layers. It is ideal for use on wood, metal and masonry. The formula is dichloromethane free, meaning it is less volatile and will stay active for longer.

Nitromors is the number one paint & varnish remover on the market.

Nitromors Craftsman’s Paint & Varnish Remover comes in the following:

Size: 375ml.

Weight 454 g
Dimensions 113 × 77 × 95 mm
Product Type