B2001 Metal Epoxy Repair Putty 50g BONB2001C50


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Brand: Bondloc
Weight(kg): 0.063
Barcode: gtin:5002001502205
Part No: B2001C-50
Tariff Code: 35069900
COSSH Reference: 1996

Availability: 10 in stock

Product Description

Bondloc B2001 is a hand kneadable, specialty epoxy putty that mixes for permanent repairs to many substrates. Contains fading black dye that becomes grey after mixing. May be applied under water (fresh or salt). Bonds to fibreglass, metal, wood, concrete and glass. Will not yellow to UV exposure. Hardens in 10 minutes, back in service in an hour, full strength in 24 hours.

Can be used for repairing tanks and drums, patching holes in pipes, stopping leaks and repairing porosity holes in castings.


Typical Properties: 7 days cured at 24°C
Colour: Black, changes to grey after mixing
Viscosity: putty/hand kneadable
Pot Life @24°C: 20 minutes
Comprehensive Strength: 83 N/mm2
Adhesive Tensile Shear: 5 N/mm2
Cured Hardness Shore: D 75
Dielectric Strength: volts/mil 300
Solids: 100%
Temperature Resistance: Wet: 49°C, Dry: 121°C
Size: 50g

Weight 63 g
Dimensions 167 × 1 × 97 mm