A777 HSCo Heavy-Duty Jobber Drill 7.50mm OL:109mm WL:69mm DOR750COB


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Brand: Dormer
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Product Description

A777 Metric Cobalt Jobber Drill Bits have a heavy-duty, 135° split point for use when greater heat is generated during drilling, e.g on higher tensile tougher materials and in particular the Aerospace Industry.


Flute Geometry: Standard Helix, Right hand spiral, Thick Web
Point Angle:
0.30 mm – 0.95 mm 118° Conical point
1.00 mm to 1.40 mm inclusive 135° 4 facet point
1.50 mm and above 135° split point sizes (Split point geometry to NAS 907 Areospace Specification type P3 Point)

Surface Treatment: Bronze
Material: HSCo Cobalt steel

DIN 338 RN / BS328 / ISO 235

Tip diameter: 7.50mm
Working length: 69mm.
Overall length: 109mm.

Weight 29 g
Dimensions 8 × 109 × 8 mm