119 Medium-Duty Forged G-Clamp 100mm (4in) REC1194


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Brand: IRWIN® Record®
Weight(kg): 0.738
Barcode: gtin:0734442000600
Part No: T119/4
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Availability: 2 in stock

Product Description

IRWIN Record Medium-Duty Forged G-Clamp are a drop-forged steel clamp and the slim section permits use in situations where space is limited.

Particularly useful for the craftsman with smaller work, the boat builder and the handyman. Have a blue stove enamelled finish.

Come in the following sizes:

REC1192: 50mm.
REC1193: 75mm.
REC1194: 100mm.
REC1196: 150mm.

IRWIN Record Medium-Duty Forged G-Clamp.

Size: 102mm (4 in).

Throat depth: 44mm (1 3/4 in).

Weight 738 g
Dimensions 280 × 30 × 159 mm