Protective Rubber Sleeve/Boot For XP20 High Torque Impact Wrenches (Black) 97772


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Brand: Draper Products
Weight(kg): 0.149
Barcode: gtin:5010559977727
Part No: AXP20IW1/2.1000
Tariff Code: 4016999790000

Availability: Out of stock

Product Description

Protective Rubber sleeve/boot for use with Draper XP20 High Torque Impact Wrenches stock No.s 55942, 79367 and 98960, 98961 kits. Produced from high-quality rubber and durable enough to protect the tool and work surfaces from impact damage. Also helps protect from corrosive materials commonly found in the workshop environment. Available in Black or Grey for assisting identification between tools.

Weight 149 g
Dimensions 200 × 190 × 85 mm