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Hardened and tempered head with steel spring impact resistant handle. Sold loose...
£5.73 Ex Tax: £4.77
Hickory shaft single ended scutch hammer with one scutch supplied. Sold loose...
£15.10 Ex Tax: £12.58
Expert Quality, forged steel head with the faces fully polished. Straight grained hickory shaft. Sol..
£28.63 Ex Tax: £23.86
Expert Quality, forged fine grain high carbon steel head, keeper and hickory shaft. Magnetic forked ..
£13.51 Ex Tax: £11.26
Double ended forged scutch hammer supplied with one each of 25mm plain and comb scutches. Hardened c..
£19.09 Ex Tax: £15.91
Set comprising of two pry bars, two wrecking bars and an aligning bar. All bars are manufactured fro..
£20.97 Ex Tax: £17.47
Kit comprising of sledge hammer, club hammer, bolster and wrecking bar. Sledge hammer and club hamme..
£39.84 Ex Tax: £33.20
Kit comprising of 1kg club hammer with striking face accurately ground, polished, tempered and harde..
£22.15 Ex Tax: £18.46