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UniBond’s Power Tab refills use innovative 2-in-1 technology, which helps combat the effects of unwa..
£7.00 Ex Tax: £5.84
10 Heavy-duty strong garden sacks, rim142cm length 99cm 140 gauge. These garden rubble sacks are dur..
£2.03 Ex Tax: £1.69
10 extra strong heavy-duty black refuse sacks, rim 152cm Length 99cm 180 gauge. Ideal for the cleani..
£2.03 Ex Tax: £1.69
Handyman 5 Heavy-duty reusable rubble sacks, Rim 100cm x Length 75cm. Suitable for sand, loose concr..
£1.56 Ex Tax: £1.30
The Tristar extra large builders' 1 Tonne Bulk Bag is made from woven polypropylene and has 4 corner..
£7.77 Ex Tax: £6.47
14573 spare rotary line 62m- 62 metres- colour: clear/white..
£7.58 Ex Tax: £6.32
Karcher Glass Cleaning Concentrate is a highly effective concentrate for all glass surfaces, leaving..
£3.88 Ex Tax: £3.24
UniBond’s Humidity Absorber helps combat the effects of unwanted moisture, such as condensation, mou..
£12.28 Ex Tax: £10.23
100 blue builders sacks, 20in x 31in , 400 gauge. These large, reusable, heavy-duty sacks are made f..
£31.20 Ex Tax: £26.00
This Hills 115548 is the traditional post for a traditional cloths line. This will fix directly into..
£21.81 Ex Tax: £18.17
Extra Value pack of 8 Yellow cotton dusters, 35 x 30cm. Each duster is made from 100% cotton. Ideal ..
£1.56 Ex Tax: £1.30
Tristar woven white rubble sacks, size 36in x 24in. Re-useable laminated waterproof builders bags, m..
£4.37 Ex Tax: £3.64
Tristar Wheelie Bin Liners Size: 235cm x 135mm (120g). Pack of 5...
£1.72 Ex Tax: £1.43
The Dimplex WWDF20 Winterwarm Downflow Heater has a heat output of 2kW and downflow design, ideal fo..
£30.26 Ex Tax: £25.22
The Vileda Scrub Brush is an all purpose scrub brush with a soft touch handle and an ergonomic shape..
£2.31 Ex Tax: £1.92
Rotary Ground Spike with a removeable plastic insert to allow use with a 32mm or a 38mm pole...
£6.86 Ex Tax: £5.72
4 arms45m drying line32mm support pole2.95m turning diameter..
£63.88 Ex Tax: £53.24
The Dimplex Kick Board Base Unit Heater has a 2kW ouput with a variable thermostat. It is designed t..
£63.94 Ex Tax: £53.29
8 Dish cloths, 43 x 26cm. Made from 100% cotton, these clots are ideal for general dusting, househol..
£1.56 Ex Tax: £1.30
The Dimplex Glen G2TN 2kW Convector Heater has a variable thermostat. It is wall mountable using the..
£36.66 Ex Tax: £30.55
Pack contains: 1 x Aerodynamic absorber device.1 x 450g refill tab...
£18.42 Ex Tax: £15.35
The Window Shine power window cleaner vacuum is the perfect tool for cleaning your windows, mirrors ..
£39.78 Ex Tax: £33.15
3 Reinforced cotton floor cloths, 38cm x 43cm, which are highly absorbent, strong and durable. The a..
£1.53 Ex Tax: £1.27
The Hills 115544 supadry is a heavy-duty 4 arm dryer that is ideal for a large family wash. It is eq..
£110.20 Ex Tax: £91.83
3 Arm2.70m Turning Circle30m Strong Easy-Clean Line32mm main support pole1 year guarantee against ru..
£26.24 Ex Tax: £21.87
The Hills 115535 socket is for use with the following Dryers: 1205 / 1200 / 1250 SD34500.The socket ..
£22.37 Ex Tax: £18.64
The Vileda Fresh Dish Brush has easy rinse channels which enable effective and thorough rinsing of f..
£2.31 Ex Tax: £1.92
32 mm main support pole3 arm35m drying line2.95m turning diameter3 year guarantee..
£49.28 Ex Tax: £41.07
The Dimplex 800 Watt panel heater is ideal for top up heat or an area when a low level warmth is req..
£82.66 Ex Tax: £68.89
2.7m turning diameter35mm drying line32mm main support pole3 arm1 year guarantee against rust causin..
£34.23 Ex Tax: £28.52
This pack contains:2 x 450g refill tabs...
£8.78 Ex Tax: £7.32
4 Arm2.7m Turning Circle40m Strong Easy-Clean Line32mm Support pole..
£41.45 Ex Tax: £34.54
The Karcher SC 3 is a revolutionary approach to cleaning your home. By harnessing the power of pure ..
£163.78 Ex Tax: £136.49
The New Karcher WV 5 Premium Window Vac is 10% shorter and lighter than the original window vac but ..
£101.38 Ex Tax: £84.49
The Hills 115534 supex rotary dryer is an ultra heavy-duty clothes line that is ideal for large fami..
£248.68 Ex Tax: £207.23
Karcher Spray bottle kit for use with the Karcher Window Vac. It contains a spray bottle with wiper ..
£12.46 Ex Tax: £10.39
The Karcher SC 2 is a revolutionary approach to cleaning your home. By harnessing the power of pure ..
£132.58 Ex Tax: £110.49
Maxi window squeegee with a hollow handle for use with long reach and extension poles. Made from dur..
£3.93 Ex Tax: £3.28
3 arm2.95 metre turning circle35 metre strong easy-clean line38mm support pole5 year guarantee again..
£60.84 Ex Tax: £50.70
The Dimplex GloFan is a 2kW upright fan heater which combines a sophisticated modern design with fut..
£46.78 Ex Tax: £38.99
This Dimplex Glen 2kW Flat Fan Heater is ideal for everyday use around the living areas in the home ..
£26.33 Ex Tax: £21.94
Pack of two Vileda Style Dish Cloths which are made from a special blend of fibres which provide gre..
£13.28 Ex Tax: £11.06