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The Rentokil RKLPSW99P Wasp Killer Powder comes in the following:Size: 300g...
£5.27 Ex Tax: £4.39
Colour. Green. (Unleaded) Size. 5 litre...
£4.90 Ex Tax: £4.08
This Faithfull easy to use Tread Depth Gauge quickly checks whether tyres are legal and roadworthy a..
£0.95 Ex Tax: £0.79
Pest-Stop Sure-Set mouse trap is simple to set and empty. Once baited, simply click the lever down t..
£4.48 Ex Tax: £3.73
Designed to improve the performance of Vileda SuperMocio mops - you need 40% less effort when wringi..
£8.50 Ex Tax: £7.09
Basic Ice Scraper with comfortable rubber grip. Easily removes ice from windscreens or for use when ..
£0.69 Ex Tax: £0.57
The Faithfull Soft Broom is a low cost plastic broom with soft PVC bristles complete with a tubular ..
£3.54 Ex Tax: £2.95
The Rentokil Slug & Snail Barrier Tape is a non-toxic, adhesive copper tape to protect plants from s..
£2.93 Ex Tax: £2.44
Specifications: Lumens of light: 80.Number of LED's: 7.Beam length: 80m.Battery life: Up to 48 hour..
£6.91 Ex Tax: £5.76
Specifications: Lumens of light: 30.Number of LED's: 3.Beam length: 50m.Battery life: Up to 48 hour..
£4.90 Ex Tax: £4.08
Batteries not includedBattery needed: 2 x AA Dimensions: 155 x 46mm..
£2.46 Ex Tax: £2.05
The Rentokil Rat Killer Box is a strong, tamper proof, lockable bait box with a ready to use bait bl..
£16.94 Ex Tax: £14.12
These Pest-Stop Professional Bird Spikes can be fixed to window sills, ledges, guttering and walls e..
£42.48 Ex Tax: £35.40
U-Pol P38 Easy Sanding Body Filler 250ml Tin...
£5.97 Ex Tax: £4.98
Each sachet of Nippon Ant Killer from Vitrex contains a measured amount of insecticide to control cr..
£5.12 Ex Tax: £4.26
Nippon Ant Killer Spray from Vitax is ideal for the control of common black ants in and around the h..
£5.62 Ex Tax: £4.68
For the control of common black ants in and around the home. Pre-baited station which is clean and ..
£4.09 Ex Tax: £3.41
For the control of common black ants and crawling insects in and around the home. 300ml aerosol. C..
£3.26 Ex Tax: £2.72
RKLFH15 is supplied as a pack of 12...
£6.04 Ex Tax: £5.03
Rentokil mouse and rat killer pasta bait attracts rodents with a rich aroma in a specially formulate..
£7.69 Ex Tax: £6.41
The lighthouse HT996 is a handy high-power Krypton spotlight with 60 Lumens and a tough ABS casing t..
£6.86 Ex Tax: £5.72
Insectrol Moth Killer acts fast to get rid of moths in your home. This insecticidal moth spray also ..
£4.60 Ex Tax: £3.84
The Rentokil Insect Killer Foggers kill flies, fleas, moths and other insects in the home. Ideal wh..
£8.44 Ex Tax: £7.03
UniBond’s Power Tab refills use innovative 2-in-1 technology, which helps combat the effects of unwa..
£7.00 Ex Tax: £5.84
Ideal to clearing ice from your car windscreen. Perfect for winter!..
£1.19 Ex Tax: £0.99
10 Heavy-duty strong garden sacks, rim142cm length 99cm 140 gauge. These garden rubble sacks are dur..
£2.03 Ex Tax: £1.69
10 extra strong heavy-duty black refuse sacks, rim 152cm Length 99cm 180 gauge. Ideal for the cleani..
£2.03 Ex Tax: £1.69
Handyman 5 Heavy-duty reusable rubble sacks, Rim 100cm x Length 75cm. Suitable for sand, loose concr..
£1.56 Ex Tax: £1.30
This Lighthouse hand lamp has 120 Lumen with 24 bright LED's. The fold out hanging hook and a magnet..
£5.46 Ex Tax: £4.55
The Fiskars FSK859853 General Purpose Scissors are ideal for all kinds of cutting tasks at home, at ..
£16.22 Ex Tax: £13.52
A long lasting insect killing cassette which kills flies, wasps and other insect pests in the home.L..
£5.48 Ex Tax: £4.56
2 pre-baited boxes per pack, each box kills up to 50 mice. No bait handling required...
£7.69 Ex Tax: £6.41
The Lighthouse 140 lumen Elite Focus has three functions: high, low and strobe. This top of the rang..
£7.80 Ex Tax: £6.50
Easy Start aids cold starting of engines and contains upper cylinder lubrication it ensures firing e..
£4.32 Ex Tax: £3.60
A plastic dustpan complete with a soft bristle PVC bannister brush, helps to make cleaning up a simp..
£1.87 Ex Tax: £1.56
Rentokil Carpet Moth and Beetle Killer Powder provides fast, effective control of carpet moths, carp..
£3.85 Ex Tax: £3.21
U-Pol Aluminium Mesh (25cm X 20cm) is ideal for repairs requiring reinforcement.Use together with bo..
£1.87 Ex Tax: £1.56
These Lighthouse high performance Alkaline batteries are designed to offer a high capacity for energ..
£2.28 Ex Tax: £1.90