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3.0mm, 15 metres, Red fits ALL MAKES Heavy-Duty Petrol (36-39cc) ..
£3.21 Ex Tax: £2.68
2.4mm, 20 metres, Yellow fits ALL MAKES Medium-duty Petrol (25-35cc) ..
£4.04 Ex Tax: £3.37
2.0mm, 20 metres, Green fits ALL MAKES Lightweight Petrol (16-25cc) ..
£3.39 Ex Tax: £2.82
1.5mm, 30 metres, Blue fits ALL MAKES Medium-duty Electrics and Light Petrol using 1.5 mm (Trimac 21..
£3.12 Ex Tax: £2.60
1.3mm, 30 metres, White fits ALL Lightweight Electrics...
£2.64 Ex Tax: £2.20
Vitax VTXBK500 has the following specifications:Pack size: 500ml. Coverage: treats up to 170m²...
£11.47 Ex Tax: £9.56
Vitax VTXBK1L has the following specifications:Pack size: 1 litre...
£19.25 Ex Tax: £16.04
The Faithfull Samurai Hedge Shears cut grass and also hedge branches. These high quality shears feat..
£27.75 Ex Tax: £23.13
The ALM Manufacturing QT450 Spool & Line 1.5mm x 5m is suitable for the following Qualcast models: G..
£3.48 Ex Tax: £2.90
The ALM QT183 Spool & Line is suitable for the following 18v Li-ion Qualcast models: CGT18LA, CGT25..
£3.21 Ex Tax: £2.68
Complete with 3 hose fittings and multi pattern spray gun. Ready to use in minutes.Length. 30 metre...
£19.95 Ex Tax: £16.63
ALM PD250 Spool and line to fit Powerbase 250W, 350W, DCSRT18V cordless, MIGZP250, LRT250B, SRT350B,..
£3.28 Ex Tax: £2.73
Organic 2 in 1 RTU should be applied as a fine spray covering both sides of the foliage. Some persis..
£5.23 Ex Tax: £4.36
OL120 is a Semi Synthetic Low Smoke 2 Stroke Oil, specially formulated for garden machinery includin..
£1.68 Ex Tax: £1.40
The Multi-Sharp® ATT1109 Cylinder Mower Sharpener has the following dimensions:Blade width: 38cm / 1..
£9.56 Ex Tax: £7.97
Matabi 84160 is home trigger spray bottle with many uses around the home and workplace - including c..
£2.46 Ex Tax: £2.05
Length: 200mm (8in) Weight: 1.6kg (3.1/2lb)..
£10.25 Ex Tax: £8.54
Pre formed lap clips with a 10 mm lap. An essential when carrying out glazing repairs. Suitable for ..
£3.49 Ex Tax: £2.91
The Faithfull Folding Pruning Saw cuts branches up to 80mm in diameter. It has an easy pull action, ..
£9.91 Ex Tax: £8.26
Spool and line (twin line) fits Flymo double autofeed (twin line) models;Contour, Contour 500, Conto..
£3.87 Ex Tax: £3.22
Plastic Blades with small half-moon to fit Flymo Microlite mowers and Minimo (2002 onwards), Hoverva..
£2.95 Ex Tax: £2.46
The Hozelock 90 Degree Elbow Connectors are high quality and made from UV stable plastic. They are u..
£4.54 Ex Tax: £3.78
The ALM CH017 Leg Protectors have protective knee pads and Shinguards. This equipment provides a pad..
£9.39 Ex Tax: £7.83
This ALM spool and line is an easy fitting design that can be fitted by the user so there is no need..
£5.04 Ex Tax: £4.20
The Hozelock HOZ2764 Supply Hose is used to make the main supply network of the micro irrigation sys..
£21.75 Ex Tax: £18.12
The Hozelock Hose Reel Guide and Corner Bracket is the perfect tool to protect and guide your hose. ..
£11.98 Ex Tax: £9.98
The Faithfull Traditional Bypass Secateurs give a clean cut to minimise stem bruising. The non-stick..
£8.11 Ex Tax: £6.76
Robust, light but strong, polypropylene tank with a large funnel shaped filling mouth for quick and ..
£35.18 Ex Tax: £29.32
Simple and effective 1 litre hand pressurised sprayer with an adjustable cone nozzle and a large fil..
£17.53 Ex Tax: £14.61
Vitax VTXBKRTU750 has the following specifications:Pack size: 750ml Ready to Use spray...
£5.73 Ex Tax: £4.77
Vitax VTXBK250 has the following specifications:Pack size: 250ml. Coverage: treats up to 83m²...
£7.36 Ex Tax: £6.14
This Faithfull Samurai Pruning Saw features an impulse hardened and diamond ground blade. With an ag..
£15.49 Ex Tax: £12.91
The Faithfull Samurai Bypass Telescopic Lopper extend from 665 to 955mm and will cut branches up to ..
£26.02 Ex Tax: £21.68
The Faithfull Samurai Budding and Pruning Knife is traditional, high quality razor sharp twin knife ..
£8.67 Ex Tax: £7.23
The Faithfull FAISPRAY16LA is a replacement lance and trigger for the Faithfull 16 litre easy carry ..
£4.99 Ex Tax: £4.16
Clip-on Blades to fit QUALCAST and BOSCH lawnmowers with ‘fig 8’ type mountingQUALCAST Hoversafe 25/..
£3.21 Ex Tax: £2.68
The Multi-Sharp® ATT1101 Cylinder Mower Sharpener has the following dimensions:Blade width: 30cm / 1..
£8.33 Ex Tax: £6.94
The Multi-Sharp..
£5.35 Ex Tax: £4.46
The Faithfull Multi Prong Cultivator has a steel T handle and six heavy-duty blades make cultivating..
£10.86 Ex Tax: £9.05
Faithfull Kindling Axe or Stick Chopper has a long straight blade that is ideal for splitting small ..
£5.87 Ex Tax: £4.89
Hickory shaft hatchet, ideal for trimming branches and root growth.Manufactured from carefully harde..
£11.04 Ex Tax: £9.20
This Faithfull Hand fork is ideal for working the top soil and easily removes weeds and unwanted gro..
£2.56 Ex Tax: £2.13
For use when replacing greenhouse glass during routine maintenance. Suitable for most aluminium gree..
£3.49 Ex Tax: £2.91
The ALMFL350 Metal blade is 35cm (14 inch) in length and fits Flymo Hover Compact 350. The blade co..
£10.55 Ex Tax: £8.79
Spool cover fits Flymo Twin line models as FL289. Compares to 5127851-00/3, 5128250-87, 5055135-90/8..
£2.50 Ex Tax: £2.08