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O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream 96g..
£6.24 Ex Tax: £5.20
Swarfega Stokoderm Sun Protect Pure is an SPF30 Sunscreen which is perfume-free and water resistant...
£7.38 Ex Tax: £6.15
This Counter Display Unit (CDU) contains 16 tubs of 80 wipes...
£228.18 Ex Tax: £190.15
Swarfega hand wipes, the mobile washroom in a box. These tough, large wipes are impregnated with a h..
£19.33 Ex Tax: £16.11
Big Wipes Green Top 4x4 Multi Surface Cleaner has a formula which is tough on grime and kind to hand..
£14.26 Ex Tax: £11.88
This Counter Display Unit (CDU) contains 16 tubs of 80 wipes...
£162.75 Ex Tax: £135.63
De-Solv-It® Heavy-duty Beaded Hand Cleaner is a gel based formula containing 'poly beads' to remove ..
£4.32 Ex Tax: £3.60
Rocol Scrubs are the most effective waterless hand-cleaning wipe worldwide.The citrus-based formula ..
£23.37 Ex Tax: £19.47
40 smaller format wipes in a smaller tub - convenient for smaller tool bags, home or office use...
£5.49 Ex Tax: £4.58
Big Wipes Industrial+ Power Spray is a powerful, fast-acting specialist cleaning spray, which contai..
£13.56 Ex Tax: £11.30
Swarfega Lemon Hand is a solvent-free lemon hand cleaner That contains natural cornmeal scrubbing ag..
£24.32 Ex Tax: £20.27
Size 500ml Aerosol..
£5.65 Ex Tax: £4.71
Alcohol based gel sanitiser which protects against bacteria and fungi, no water required. Advanced a..
£20.08 Ex Tax: £16.73
No water required hand cleanser that works rapidly to remove soiling and is dermatologically tested...
£15.79 Ex Tax: £13.16
Swarfega Natural Power Pump Hand Cleaner 450ml...
£5.04 Ex Tax: £4.20
Swarfega Power Hand Cleaner Pump Pack 4 Litre...
£25.94 Ex Tax: £21.62
Universal pre work cream for dry and wet work to protect against contaminants, perfume free non grea..
£20.28 Ex Tax: £16.90
The Swarfega Cradle Complete Starter Kit is convenient in that it can be installed in areas of limit..
£77.81 Ex Tax: £64.84
A fresh, floral fragrance disinfectant cleaner for use on toilets, urinals, floors, walls, wash basi..
£15.97 Ex Tax: £13.31
Big Wipes Power Gel is an all-in-one multi-purpose skin cleaner suitable for all tradesmen, maintena..
£13.56 Ex Tax: £11.30
Fast acting, caustic based, solvent-free cleaner and degreaser.Effective for the removal of oils, f..
£14.37 Ex Tax: £11.97
Heavy-duty surface degreaser for removing ground-in dirt and burnt-on food deposits. It is a non-cau..
£20.05 Ex Tax: £16.71
General purpose cleaner and degreaser to remove food soilings such as oils and fats.Contains no perf..
£15.18 Ex Tax: £12.65
Swarfega Natural Power Hand Cleaner 1 litre..
£7.64 Ex Tax: £6.37
O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet perfect for feet that are prone to cracks and splits that provide a life..
£6.24 Ex Tax: £5.20
Heavy-duty trade wipes to remove paints, seam sealers and resins. Impregnated with a hi-tech silicon..
£22.60 Ex Tax: £18.84
Pleasantly citrus fragranced washing up liquid and multi-purpose fast lathering detergent for use in..
£12.64 Ex Tax: £10.53
An acidic metal cleaner which removes rust, oxidation and corrosion from most metals. It will also d..
£29.33 Ex Tax: £24.44
Big Wipes Black Top Multi-Purpose Wipes Tub of 80. Pallet Display with 32 Tubs..
£218.38 Ex Tax: £181.99
A smaller pack size for those less frequent applications or when space is limited...
£4.32 Ex Tax: £3.60
Multi-purpose, low odour degreasing detergent for use on animal, vegetable and mineral deposits. It ..
£17.25 Ex Tax: £14.38
This Swarfega box of assorted Pump Bottles contains the following: 2 x Swarfega Original Classic.2 x..
£30.12 Ex Tax: £25.10