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Size: 500ml (1 Pint)..
£6.13 Ex Tax: £5.11
This Scan paper roll is essential for all cleaning and wiping tasks. Comes in a ready-to-use centre ..
£8.52 Ex Tax: £7.10
Size: 300ml (1/2pint)..
£5.44 Ex Tax: £4.54
The Faithfull heavy-duty side lever grease gun develops up to 10,000 psi - 690 bar of pressure. The ..
£20.44 Ex Tax: £17.03
This Scan Drip Tray is ideal for catching drips and leaks from vehicles, machinery and hoses. It is ..
£17.10 Ex Tax: £14.25
ABUS lock lubricating spray 50 ml. ProtectsCleansDrives out humidityPrevents icing up of car door l..
£5.54 Ex Tax: £4.62
Size: 125ml (1/4 Pint)..
£4.13 Ex Tax: £3.45
Standard hydraulic coupler to suit most greasing application, fitted with a spring loaded ball check..
£2.51 Ex Tax: £2.09
The Faithfull FAIOCP50205L has an efficient lever action pump for use with steel barrels. This heavy..
£32.65 Ex Tax: £27.21
450mm (18in) reinforced connecting hose to fit Grease Guns FAIGGHD & FAIGGMPSize: 450mm (18in)..
£6.19 Ex Tax: £5.16
The Faithfull Grease Gun Mini Pistol develops up to 3,000psi/207bar with two optional nozzle locatio..
£14.46 Ex Tax: £12.05
The W-D44102 multi-use aerosol spray is 200ml...
£3.62 Ex Tax: £3.02
Trefolex cutting compound helps prolongs the life of the tool. It helps to ensures a smooth clean cu..
£19.55 Ex Tax: £16.29
This Scan Spill Kit absorbs coolant, oil, water, solvents and non-aggressive fluids. Asorbs up to 18..
£27.32 Ex Tax: £22.76
Grease gun holder this simple snap action clamp can be used for safe storage of both grease and suct..
£3.34 Ex Tax: £2.78
Rocol Foam Cleaner Spray is a water based foam cleaner in aerosol format. It is NSF Registered categ..
£8.67 Ex Tax: £7.23
Electra Clean Spray is a powerful cleaner designed for use on electrical equipment and components. I..
£19.13 Ex Tax: £15.94
The EVBSILSPRAY Everbuild All Purpose Silicone Spray (400ml) is a dry silicone lubricant and mould r..
£4.06 Ex Tax: £3.38
These Scan absorbant pads are designed specifically to absorb oil, fuel and solvents. They are bonde..
£9.98 Ex Tax: £8.32
These Scan general purpose pads absorb coolant, oil, water, solvents and non-aggressive fluids. They..
£9.98 Ex Tax: £8.32
3-IN-ONE White Lithium Spray Grease for heavy-duty applications, ideal for preventing rust and corro..
£5.21 Ex Tax: £4.34
3-IN-ONE Silicone Spray provides a long lasting and quick drying silicone coating which is formulate..
£5.27 Ex Tax: £4.39
3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil Aerosol Spray Can that lubricates, cleans and prevents rust for countless..
£3.03 Ex Tax: £2.52
3-IN-ONE Heavy-Duty Cleaner Degreaser is a water rinsable heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser that prod..
£5.68 Ex Tax: £4.73