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The Faithfull plastic window and glass scraper ideal for removing paint from window frames and windo..
£1.29 Ex Tax: £1.08
This Faithfull Triangular Shavehook is ideal for removing paint from flat surfaces. It has a stainle..
£2.65 Ex Tax: £2.21
Stair runner dust sheet especially for stairs, made from 100% cotton twill for long life. Profession..
£6.74 Ex Tax: £5.62
This Faithfull Moon Knife or 'Don Carlos' type knife features a unique shaped blade that is widely u..
£5.62 Ex Tax: £4.68
Blade Width: 75 mm (3in)..
£5.29 Ex Tax: £4.41
Blade Width: 50 mm (2in)..
£4.98 Ex Tax: £4.15
Blade Width: 25 mm (1in)..
£4.54 Ex Tax: £3.78
High quality dust sheet for domestic use made from 100% Cotton twill for long life. Absorbs paint sp..
£8.92 Ex Tax: £7.44
This Everbuild EVBPVCC1 PVCu Cream Cleaner is a solvent-free formulation designed to remove ingraine..
£6.33 Ex Tax: £5.28
The Faithfull Putty Knife has a stainless steel blade for long life and resistance to corrosion. The..
£2.26 Ex Tax: £1.89
The Faithfull professional putty knife featuring a top quality stainless steel blade attached with b..
£4.82 Ex Tax: £4.02
Chisel Knife. Blade Width: 38mm (1.1/2in)..
£4.76 Ex Tax: £3.97
The Faithfull Filling Knife has a stainless steel blade for long life and reistance to corrosion. Th..
£2.54 Ex Tax: £2.12
Faithfull WS624 Soft grip scraper with a 4-sided 62 mm blade. Ideal for removing paint and varnish f..
£4.09 Ex Tax: £3.41
Thompson's RSLTUPVREST is a powerful uPVC liquid restorer that is a specially formulated cleaner whi..
£6.54 Ex Tax: £5.45
Blade Width: 100 mm (4in)..
£7.25 Ex Tax: £6.05
Rustins Methylated Spirit is used for thinning french polishes and shellac varnishes.For use in spir..
£2.17 Ex Tax: £1.81
Polycell Maximum Strength Paint Stripper is a quick and easy way to strip most types of paint and va..
£6.18 Ex Tax: £5.15
The Faithfull selection of four flexible stainless steel filling and spreading knives, ideal for app..
£5.88 Ex Tax: £4.90
The Faithfull Door Dust Sealer is a reusable dust screen door which isolates the working area and se..
£16.66 Ex Tax: £13.88
This Faithfull Combination shavehook has a stainless steel blade for long life and resistance to cor..
£2.68 Ex Tax: £2.24
This Faithfull Decorators' Tool is a multi-purpose decorating tool with a stainless steel blade for ..
£3.35 Ex Tax: £2.80
Window Knife. Blade width: 32mm...
£5.27 Ex Tax: £4.39
The Faithfull FAI5GBUCKET general purpose bucket has hundreds of uses around the worksite, home and ..
£10.11 Ex Tax: £8.42
Specifications:Width: 36mm.Length: 41.1m...
£9.81 Ex Tax: £8.18
The Faithfull 4-Sided 62mm replacment blade for use with the FAI WS624 wood scraper...
£1.14 Ex Tax: £0.95
A super strong steel scraper with a ventilated handle for use with a blowtorch. A double edged blade..
£17.32 Ex Tax: £14.43
Liberon LIBTCP10 Tack cloths come in a pack of 10...
£7.97 Ex Tax: £6.64
Size: 500ml concentrated liquid...
£2.84 Ex Tax: £2.37
Rustins Strypit Paint & Varnish Stripper New Formulation.Size: 500ml. ..
£8.42 Ex Tax: £7.02
American Line 650001 SmartEdge 100mm (4 in) adjustable wall stripper has an adjustable head for mult..
£8.74 Ex Tax: £7.28
Roll and Stroll Hard Surface Protector is the ultimate self adhesive hard surface protection system...
£21.45 Ex Tax: £17.88
A blade with an aluminium spine. It is supplied in a carded safety dispenser of 10 blades convenient..
£1.15 Ex Tax: £0.96
This Stanley shavehook has a triangular pattern, and is ideal for stripping paint from mouldings, pi..
£4.59 Ex Tax: £3.82
This Stanley Combination shavehook, is professional and multi-faceted, with a taper ground, bevelled..
£4.77 Ex Tax: £3.98
One piece steel blade and tang with traditional rosewood handle for strength, comfort and durability..
£7.58 Ex Tax: £6.32
Size: 3.6 x 3.6m (12 x 12ft).Pack of 3...
£5.87 Ex Tax: £4.89
Waterproof and rotproof one-piece general purpose polythene dust sheet. Ideal for covering furniture..
£1.78 Ex Tax: £1.48