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Interchangeable tips for creative pyrography. Achieve a range of graphic effects. Durable brass cons..
£1.79 Ex Tax: £1.50
For creative design (pyrography) in wood and leather. Includes 30W plug-in woodburning pen with comf..
£9.52 Ex Tax: £7.93
Clock and watch repair tool kit that includes: 1 x watchband link pin remover, 1 x watchband holder,..
£6.35 Ex Tax: £5.29
Adjustable screw-type watch case opener. Opens watch cases from 15-50mm. Angled pins for better grip..
£3.01 Ex Tax: £2.51
Versatile table vice with swivel head and powerful vacuum base for securely fixing to worktops. Groo..
£14.34 Ex Tax: £11.95
Removable handle so head can be locked in bench vice. Ideal for small and irregular shaped objects, ..
£7.10 Ex Tax: £5.92
Carbon steel. Ideal for model building, clock repairs and other delicate work. Includes straight poi..
£1.86 Ex Tax: £1.55
Swivel base turns 360..
£9.83 Ex Tax: £8.19
Cast iron frame with anvil, 65mm capacity jaws, plated steel screws and slide bars...
£11.33 Ex Tax: £9.44
Compact all-steel body with powerful spring-firing action. Cushioned finger grip, safety loop and st..
£7.02 Ex Tax: £5.85
Easily removes staples from paper and cartons. Wide footprint provides good leverage and reduces ri..
£3.17 Ex Tax: £2.64
For stapling upholstery, crafts and general DIY use. Uses Type 53 staples 4-8mm. Includes 100 staple..
£1.39 Ex Tax: £1.16
Hardened steel tools for separating wire and for setting and adjusting springs. Also can be used as ..
£2.53 Ex Tax: £2.11
Ideal for removing dust from sensitive areas and crevices such as camera lenses and computer keyboar..
£1.68 Ex Tax: £1.40
Powerful and durable horseshoe magnet. Tapped hole through back of magnet. For traction, lifting, so..
£6.58 Ex Tax: £5.49
Powerful and durable horseshoe magnet. Tapped hole through back of magnet. For traction, lifting, so..
£11.40 Ex Tax: £9.50
For holding wire, taps, scribers and reamers. Tubular handles allow wire through tool. Knurled handl..
£2.43 Ex Tax: £2.03
Stainless steel set of picks and probes ideal for carving and sculpturing. Includes 3 single-end pic..
£2.07 Ex Tax: £1.73
Stainless steel pick-up tool with 4 spring-loaded prongs which extend when the plunger is pressed, a..
£1.20 Ex Tax: £1.00
Lightweight plastic and steel pistol-grip dispenser. Accepts 50mm x 66m tapes...
£2.65 Ex Tax: £2.21
Stainless steel tweezers with nylon tips and serrated grip. Ideal for jewellery-making and other int..
£1.09 Ex Tax: £0.91
Suitable for crafts and light DIY. Can also be used as a protective layer on shelves and in tool box..
£2.56 Ex Tax: £2.13
Tough, cast alloy clamp-on table vice. 70mm rubber jaws with 50mm opening capacity. Head swivels 360..
£12.57 Ex Tax: £10.48
Compact glue gun with fine point tip. Suitable for bonding wood, metal, glass, fabric, plastic, cera..
£2.75 Ex Tax: £2.29
Compact glue gun with fine point tip. Suitable for bonding wood, metal, glass, fabric, plastic, cera..
£3.31 Ex Tax: £2.76
Cast iron anvil ideal for jewellery-making or small tasks requiring a small striking surface. Featur..
£2.93 Ex Tax: £2.44
Magnifies objects at 5x with minimal distortion. 60mm...
£13.63 Ex Tax: £11.36
75mm dia precision lens magnifies objects 5x with minimal distortion. 95mm handle...
£1.48 Ex Tax: £1.24
Precision 100mm lens magnifies objects 3x with minimal distortion...
£1.72 Ex Tax: £1.43
Carbon steel. Place on fridge door or any ferrous metal surface. 35mm diameter...
£1.75 Ex Tax: £1.46
Nickel-plated magnetic clips for use around the home, office, garage or workshop. For holding notes,..
£1.23 Ex Tax: £1.03
Pocket-sized reading aid with built-in light provides illumination wherever needed. 4.5x magnificati..
£3.17 Ex Tax: £2.64
Pocket magnet with north and south pole. Supplied with keeper...
£2.84 Ex Tax: £2.37
2.6oz (75g) hammer with 6 interchangeable heads for general craft use. Ideal for jewellery-making an..
£2.65 Ex Tax: £2.21
230V hot melt glue gun with electronic temperature control and smooth trigger action. For wood, pape..
£4.95 Ex Tax: £4.12
Versatile device for holding work in a fixed position during assembly, soldering or painting. For mo..
£2.92 Ex Tax: £2.43
Heavy duty all-steel stapler suitable for crafts, light upholstery and DIY applications. Includes ap..
£8.77 Ex Tax: £7.31
Heavy duty nailer stapler fires Type 53 staples 8-16mm, nails 10-16mm. Fires up to 20 times per minu..
£23.29 Ex Tax: £19.41
Versatile hobby tool for securing objects when soldering or for jobs that require precision. Leaves ..
£6.15 Ex Tax: £5.12
Robust multipurpose glue gun suitable for crafts and general DIY. Large trigger. Large on/off switch..
£17.52 Ex Tax: £14.60
Pack of 10 glue sticks. 7.2 x 100mm...
£0.56 Ex Tax: £0.47
High quality transparent EVA glue sticks. Excellent adhesion to many substrates including wood, fabr..
£4.68 Ex Tax: £3.90
Self-adhesive magnetic strip sticks to flat or curved surfaces. For lightweight applications...
£3.14 Ex Tax: £2.61
Through-hole mounting for up to M5 thread. 36mm dia x 7mm height with 5mm hole. Pull force capacity ..
£3.09 Ex Tax: £2.57
Installs eyelets in any material. Soft-grip, rubber-dipped handles. Includes 150 eyelets...
£1.72 Ex Tax: £1.43
22mm dia eyeglass, 5x magnification. Hands free use, ideal for fine work...
£1.33 Ex Tax: £1.11
Black plastic frames and 20mm lens diameter. Ideal for jewellers and hobbyists. Includes 5x, 7x and ..
£1.34 Ex Tax: £1.12
General dusting and cleaning brush with nylon bristles, stainless steel ferrule and plastic handle...
£0.78 Ex Tax: £0.65
Stainless steel utility set ideal for hobbyists. General purpose inspection mirror. Curved tweezers ..
£1.83 Ex Tax: £1.52
Stainless steel, self-closing tweezers with heat-resistant fibre grips and serrated tips. Ideal for ..
£1.31 Ex Tax: £1.09